Elea Institute is a nonprofit, private organization dedicated to improving the quality of health services for people with serious illness, including end-of-life care. The organization’s name and mission are inspired by the historical figure Elea, who was the personification of mercy and compassion in ancient Athens. The literal translation of the word Elea is “bright and shining one.”  Elea Institute aims to embody these attributes.

Research, education, and philanthropy related to hospice, palliative, home care, and related issues in, and beyond, Illinois. These issues are underrepresented in healthcare, and Elea Institute is committed to making a difference.

Alea Institute is in the process of developing its strategy for grantmaking to ensure that funds are awarded effectively to achieve the organization’s objectives. Additional information is forthcoming. 

In order to continue to serve patients while securing the organization’s long-term financial sustainability,  JourneyCare sold its hospice and palliative care clinical operations to Addus HomeCare.

Prior to the sale, JourneyCare’s Board of Directors, with the assistance of external experts, conducted a rigorous and competitive selection process that considered a range of criteria, including potential buyers’ knowledge of the Illinois marketplace, healthcare quality scores, and philosophy of care for patients and families. The sale was completed in February 2022. 

After the transaction, it was necessary for JourneyCare to change its structure and name. Elea Institute is the result of that process. 

Patients previously receiving clinical care from JourneyCare are now served by JourneyCare Hospice, which is operated by Addus HomeCare. 

When JourneyCare merged with Horizon Hospice and Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter, all three entities’ charitable donations were consolidated into JourneyCare Foundation. Donations to JourneyCare Foundation were used to advance hospice and palliative care of patients and families of JourneyCare. With the dissolution of JourneyCare, remaining charitable funds are now under the stewardship of The HAP Foundation—previously known as the JourneyCare Foundation. The HAP Foundation is not affiliated with Elea Institute.

Proceeds from the transaction will be used to advance Elea Institute’s mission. 

Elea Institute currently maintains ownership of facilities in Barrington and Glenview, Illinois. The Pepper Family Hospice Home and Center for Care in Barrington is leased to Addus HomeCare, who continues to provide in-patient services at this location.

As a result of Addus’s decision in April 2022 that JourneyCare Hospice stop providing in-patient services at the Glenview facility, Elea Institute is exploring potential next steps for the property.

Continuing to honor the legacy of JourneyCare and its predecessor organizations’ donors and patients is important to all who have been involved and/or have had a loved one cared for by the various organizations throughout their individual and combined histories. JourneyCare Hospice, under the ownership of Addus HomeCare, will maintain memorials while they occupy the Barrington and Glenview facilities. If you would like to discuss the status and future of a specific memorial, please contact Info@EleaInstitute.org.