How to Apply

Elea Institute Application Guide

Read – The first step is to read the Request for Proposal and Program Guidelines to determine your organization’s eligibility. If your organization is eligible, the next step is to register.

Register – Prior to submitting a proposal, applicants must register and create a profile using this link:

  • DO NOT create more than one profile.
  • DO save your password where you can find it again. It will be needed each time you log in to access your application. If your application is approved, the password will be needed to submit reports.
  • If you have questions about registration, contact the Program Associate Sarah Kain at GMA Foundations at

Click Apply – Once you are registered and logged-in to the system, click on the top left side of your screen next to the Home icon.

Enter Access Code – Enter: Elea22 (case sensitive) in the Access Code box at the top right-hand side of your screen. Then click Enter Code.

Open Form – Click Apply under Enter Code to open the application form and begin working on your proposal.

  • TIPSave Frequently. If you want to leave your application before it is complete, click Save Application at the bottom of the screen; the next screen will confirm that you have saved your application. If you do not see the confirmation, there is an error(s) on the page that needs to be fixed before you can continue. You can come back later and continue working by signing in; finding the correct application on your home dashboard; and clicking Edit Application.
  • TIPType Carefully. What you type is what the Review Committee will read. Therefore, review your application carefully for typos and grammatical errors. Also, resist the urge to type the proposal in all caps, but please use caps for the first letters in names and titles.
  • TIPReview, Review, Review. Check your application carefully while it is in Draft status. Check for typos and ensure that it is correct and complete. You will not be able to make changes to it after it has been submitted.

Submit When Complete – Once the application is complete, click Submit Application. A new screen will appear confirming receipt of the application. If you do not see the confirmation, there is an error(s) on the page which needs to be fixed before it can be submitted.

Online Application System FAQ

No. The entire application is online. Do not send any part of your application by email or physical mail. If your materials are too large to upload directly in the application, or you need technical assistance, please contact the Program Associate Sarah Kain at GMA Foundations at

Once you click Submit Application, your proposal is on its way. You can log- in to check the status of your proposal submission at any point. If you see Application – Submitted under the project name on your home dashboard, you submitted your proposal properly. You will see the status Undecided after Decision for up to 30 days after the trustee meeting, but you should receive an email notification of the foundation’s decision within 1-2 weeks of the meeting.

If you would like to make a pdf of your application in either draft of completed form,, use the Application Packet function shown below.. You can choose to save the pdf to a laptop, or print it pdf for your records. Do not send us a copy of the pdf packet.

Tech support is available between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Email Program Associate Sarah Kain at GMA Foundations at

Write with comments, tips and ideas that can improve the on-line application system. Your feedback helps us make improvements.